Jewish Baby Namings in NJ, NY, CT

Mazel Tov! The birth of a child is a beautiful miracle and blessing for anyone. Welcoming a new life into our world opens up hearts to give endless, unconditional love. It gives us nurturing and protective instincts as well as a deep sense of purpose. As an Ordained Cantor, I can provide a beautiful Jewish Baby Naming Ceremony.

Jewish Baby Naming Customs

Jewish customs state that all boys must be brought into the Covenant ( Brit or Bris). The Bris ceremony is mainly centered around the circumcision of the baby boy, typically performed by a mohel. mohel is a professional person that is trained to perform the surgical procedure and the prayers. The ceremony is usually held at the family’s home on the 8th day of the child’s life.

Child’s Hebrew Name

It is customary that the child receives their Hebrew name during this ceremony. Many parents follow the East European custom of naming the child after a deceased relative to honor that person.

Hebrew Name Formula

The Hebrew name formula is the same regardless of the traditions. The first name is selected by the parents. The first name is followed by the word ben (son of) and then the Hebrew name of the father. Sometimes the mother’s Hebrew name as well.

Naming Jewish Baby Girls

Not until the 20th-century girls were welcomed into the Jewish Covenant.  As like the boys, the girl’s Jewish Baby Namings also includes the receiving of a Hebrew name. The formula remains the same, but the word ben is replaced with bat (daughter of).

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